Marie the Foxy

Marie the Fox is always sunny and cheerful. She’s very sweet and bubbly. Her personality is sweet and innocent but at times naieve. Her imagination is big and so is her heart. She enjoys cupcakes, yummy treats, cuddles, and snuggles. She cares about her friends and always tries to lend a helping hand. She enjoys cuddling up to her close friends and snuggling up to her mate. Marie growing up as always somewhat heavyset, she doesnt care about her size, she says its “more of her to snuggle”.

Loud noises and crowds scare Marie, as does creepy crawly critters. Marie loves flowers and cupcakes. Her favorite flowers are Sunflowers and Daisies. Her home is well decorated with many flowers, and she wears a sunflower in her hair. Marie doesn’t like fighting, freezing cold weather, and thunderstorms.

Aurora the Wolf

Aurora the Wolf is warm but quiet. Her eyes show a wisdom much beyond her years. She is very smart and wise, and has an intuitive knowledge of the world around her. She is the motherly type of the group. Aurora is very strong despite her voluptuous size, and can be rough when she snuggles. She has quite the voracious appetite for food as well.

She doesn’t like when others are singled out based on who they are, and likes to defend those who are in danger. She enjoys reading, hiking, fishing. Despite being fat, she’s quite active. Her markings on her face and belly are from her tribe, the face ones are a warrior symbol and the one on her belly is a fertility symbol.